Summer 2019 – Days 10-14 – Dance and Soccer Camps

Checking in!

The crisis started when I realized I had signed my children up for three different camps which all started at the exact same time. Two were on opposite ends of the county from each other.

A missed connection for early drop off meant that out of three children, only 1 arrived on time.

These camps are physical for the children. The girls are dancing for 8 hours a day and my son is out running for 3 hours in the heat for soccer. They all come back very tired at the end of the day.

As for me, it is a LOT of driving. I am hoping I will learn next year how to better plan my summer camps. This week is not going to be my greatest success but I still think we will have great things to show for it.

I wrote the text above when we started the week. My most memorable experience from this week was picking my son up from soccer on Monday. I asked him how camp was and he said something like “Pretty good.” I said, “I’m glad. Maybe when you come back tomorrow . . . ” My son interrupted, “WHAT?!?! I have to come back tomorrow?!?” He then collapsed on the ground in complaint.

I am glad to report that the next day went much better and that by the end of the week there were no more complaints.

Meanwhile the girls managed to avoid injury and learn so much. My younger daughter was with a group of Russian ballet instructors and managed to learn 4 dances from the Nutcracker: Russian, Arabian, Chinese and character dances.

My older daughter had a great time bonding with friends and pushing herself to learn new skills.

I didn’t manage to get much done personally despite these camps being local and allowing me to have at least some time home during the day. I spent most of my free time working on homeschool planning for next year and helping plan a possible trip for our church youth group.

Hot but happy! He finished the week!
Big finish for Russian ballet camp!