Summer 2019 – Day 7-9 Cub Scout Day Camp and Recovery

We did it! Five days of camp and mother-son bonding time.

One of the challenges with summer scheduling is that every week is different (and sometimes every day!) Just as you get used to one schedule, it all changes again. So even if you have the best of intentions to blog every day, it just falls off the wagon very easily! Curiously, the weekend “breaks” from this hectic schedule made it harder to stay on track than the busiest camp days!

Cub Scout Day Camp finished up with a wonderful family day. I brought all of my children. My daughters helped out watching 5 toddlers in the “Tot Lot” and my littlest son was energetic and curious as usual but amazingly stayed off the BB gun range and out of the fishing pond.

The end of camp was bittersweet. We were glad to have a rest from the busy schedule and the physical difficulty of being outdoors all day long but will miss the friends we made and the community we established for the week.

The next day, I spent hours going through my photos, cleaning up paperwork and formally “ending” this event. Then it was some shopping to do. By the time I finished with all that the day was gone. I never got to the home improvement work I wanted to do.

On Sunday, we went to church as usual then I had to take my daughter to her dance camp audition. I had fun catching up with our dance friends but after all that was over, I had no energy left for the home improvements and other tasks.

So, I’m still figuring out my summer schedule. This week everyone is doing camps in town but now there are 3 camps to manage instead of 1!