Summer 2019 – Day 6 – Cub Scout Day Camp

little boy shooting bow and arrow
This fine archer got his first bullseye today at camp!

Day four of Cub Scout Day Camp is done! It has been a long week hanging outside in the heat all day, using port-a-potty’s and packing lunches. At the end of the day, my feet hurt and I am tired. I am jointly responsible for watching over 6 boys and am asked to pitch in to help with another 5 or so in our camp den.

Today went a bit slower than the previous days. There were no fish caught today, no BB bullseyes…but just when you think there will be no milestones, something happens! Today the big advancement was in archery. My son got his first bullseye! Then, even though he is one of the littlest guys on the range, he chose to shoot the big recurve bow at longer distance. I was proud when he got a few arrows on the target!

Summer day camps are an interesting experience. The first day or so is hard to adjust to the new schedule or physical stresses like weather or activity level. About mid-week you start to get the hang of it and then by the end of the week a part of you feels you will miss your new routine and seeing the same friends every day.

Tomorrow, we bring all the children to camp for family day. I am still nervous that my little guy is going to find his way to the BB gun range, the fishing pond or the archery range. Fingers crossed he will stay on the playground!