Summer 2019 – Day 5 – Cub Scout Day Camp

First bullseye!

Another day outside at camp! Mom is getting sore but my son is still going relatively strong. He arrived sleepy this morning and took a nap in our wagon. At the end of the day, he fell asleep on the bench during crafts!

Highlights today include hitting the archery target by himself, catching yet another fish (a huge catfish the instructor had to help reel in!) and hitting a bullseye twice on the BB gun range!

It has been interesting to watch the learning process in the scouts. My son went from scoring a zero on the BB gun range on his first day to two bullseyes on the third day. It took some experimentation from his instructors to realize that he was shooting on his non-dominant side and he needed to steady himself on the shooting table to “fire from rest.” Once we unlock how we learn best, there is no limit to what we can do.

As I work with the other boys, I find it is very common that even the brightest among them struggle with handwriting. They use interesting language to teach each other how to do certain physical skills, like handling an arrow or shooting a gun. They describe to each other the movements they need to make to be successful.

There are a few boys that struggle with following directions or obeying orders from adults. I have increased sympathy for this problem from working with my own boys. I try to let them know that we like having them there and that we want them to stay in camp but they need to follow the rules. It is curious to me that whether given a gentle approach like I usually do or a harsher, more authoritarian approach, like some of the other leaders, it doesn’t seem to make much difference. If the boy is not motivated himself to do a certain behavior, it often doesn’t get done.

My daughter who reads this blog informed me that readers are probably curious where she, her older sister and our littlest one are this week. They are having their first ever babysitting job watching my littlest one! The camp is a very short 10-minute drive from my home and I check in with them periodically. So far, they are learning that watching children is a lot of hard work and are demonstrating great maturity which is a learning experience in itself.