Summer 2019 – Day 2 – The Church Picnic

girl holding her little brother while swimming
Time for the first official swim of the summer!

Day 2 had us waking up tired from the recital yesterday. But it was off to church for the ice cream social to end the religious education year. Then right after that, it was a quick trip to the grocery store, a quick trip home to make picnic food (some fun sandwich skewers) and wish my wonderful husband a Happy Father’s Day! Then back in the car to drive to the church picnic held at a beautiful nearby farm. The kids lived in the pool and enjoyed swimming with their friends and blasting each other with water guns.

Then it was one more quick trip to the grocery store then back home to work a bit on a patio painting project I am trying to finish but keep getting thwarted by supply problems and the weather.

Tomorrow our summer camps start! Wish us luck!