First Day of Spring Snowstorm

forest view from a snow-covered porch
First day of spring?

It has been an odd winter here in Virginia.  We have been cycling from freezing to unseasonably warm.  It’s confusing and exhausting and it seems to be quite hard on the body to adjust to all these fluctuations.  My daffodils have been in bloom since late-February and they were just at peak bloom when the first day of spring and a freak snowstorm arrives!


We could have used this snow earlier on not now while we are used to spring!  To add to our misery, we are all sick with various types of colds, bronchitis and flu symptoms.  Each member of the family has a slightly different variant.

So, we sat at home, did some math work for the children who were not seriously ill and watched the snow fall and quickly start to melt.  We lounged on sofas and conserved our energy to get better.

“Some days are like that.”